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Why you should book an AOF visit…

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Experience hands-on, personalised lure rod help and advice.

In addition to us closing our physical store of 13 years, opening our HQ up for 1-1 bookings makes perfect sense. While our day-to-day lives are mostly spent working on the online business – whether it’s packing orders, taking product pics, writing articles or developing the site (all things that wouldn’t be possible if the shop door was still permanently open), it seems a shame to not allow genuine customers the chance to get their hands on and sample some of the lure rods that we provide.

We know from experience that buying rods blind, online is an absolute minefield. They’re not like lures. So many are not what you’d imagine them to be and often there are better alternatives you wouldn’t typically be aware of if you just went by the manufacturers blurb. Even online reviews and recommendations can be limited in their use unless the user has managed to compare them with multiple others. We often make a concerted effort to find, try and import rods that most people haven’t heard of. This means that despite their brilliance and potential suitability to your own preferences and style, you may see nothing of them when doing your online research. Historically, these were often the types of rods that people left our shop with – having first come in to pick up one of the more commonly reputable items.

So, why book a visit?

Although we are based in mid-Cornwall, if you are able to visit prior to making any serious lure rod purchase, your time here will be well spent. To us, your visit isn’t simply about you buying a new rod. We’re proud of the huge range we stock and want to share it. It’s about experiencing other rods and sampling what each brand has to offer. You will be shown the differences not only between the rods that suit either your budget or requirements, but examples of how differing brands build their rods; proof of the vast differences in what look like similar specs; and weather-permitting, hopefully even get to cast a few. By booking a visit it ensures your time with us is uninterrupted. Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided and the shop floor is for you to browse at your own leisure. We are not (and never have been) pushy or over-imposing. We’ll provide as little or as much help as you would prefer. Whether we walk you through the whole process or leave you to your thoughts, your time at AOF HQ is to use as you wish.

I use the example regularly but I (Ben Field) was never a salesman – and still am not today. When it comes to rods, my job is just to understand our products and listen to your requirements. Then it’s a simple case of matching the two and showing you the rods that I think may be most suited to your needs and budget. As equals who want the same thing.

As anglers we’re all different – whether it’s considering a cosmetic feature, a finish, a rod action or a price point. As a result, my own thoughts can mean very little. Your heart will tell you which option to go for as I present the best options to you. You will find just something about one of the many rods we show you that just makes it stand out – to you. That’s the one to go for! If I were to convince you away from it with any perceived level of bias, three months down the line you’d be wondering if you made an error. Would the grass have been greener?

Our showroom is based at our old Wadebridge retail store (now closed to the general public).

Visit our contact page and get in touch. We’d be honored to welcome you (and bring a friend if you like). Tea/coffee and biscuits provided.


Why you should book an AOF visit…

In addition to us closing our physical store of 13 years, opening our HQ up for 1-1 bookings makes…

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