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Surf Seeker 35g

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Surf Seeker 35g
Surf Seeker 35g
Surf Seeker 35g
Surf Seeker 35g
Surf Seeker 35g
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Surf Seeker 35g
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Surf Seeker 35g

To the eye the new Surf Seeker models look slightly larger for their weight than the original - and still perfect in the surf - ISP models. I'm assuming as a result that they might be made of a slightly less dense metal alloy, which could ensure in theory that they fish even better in shallower water. Typically we're trying to avoid our lures dragging bottom all the way in on shallow storm beaches, so this feature could help with that.

The chartreuse tail may not be to everybody's taste, but after years of supplying lures in the shop, a UV reflecting section is a HUGE fish catcher - and this is what the chartreuse tail is all about. When visibility in swirling water is low, this UV paint will allow fish to pick out your lure more easily on the attack. A great feature.

As with the original Seeker, the Surf model includes the two features that make them perfect for this purpose. The vast majority of their weight is all at the tail (for incredible casting), and their flat profile lifts them easily in shallow water.

The 35g version here is the middle size. A go-to if you're just not sure what to put on. I'd use a smaller size or one of the original ISP models unless the surf is really pumping, but if the wind is howling the extra weight here will be a real benefit.

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