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Seeker ISP 32g

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Seeker ISP 32g
Seeker ISP 32g
Seeker ISP 32g
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Seeker ISP 32g
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Seeker ISP 32g

The Savage Gear Seeker range has been a monumental success. Not just for Savage Gear (SG) themselves, but for so many bass anglers around our coast.

There was a point where SG actually discontinued them, only for them to almost immediately after finally find success among anglers. Too late. However, SG listened to the anglers and soon relaunched the range (this 32g model however has now gone again since the introduction of the "Surf" range).

The 32g model here was originally the heaviest, and coped with all but the very roughest of conditions. Truth be told, it has to be pretty blinkin' rough to need more than this. There is no best size or weight when it comes to the the Seeker and bass though. It all just depends on conditions. On a less windy or rough day, in shallow water, the 23g size is ample. 28g covers the middle ground and then the 32g or heavier surf models sort you out for all of the most beastly stuff

The flatter profile of the Seeker means that they rise more easily in the water, which explains why they make such great lures on our beaches. You get the benefit of extreme casting distance thanks to the overall weight and bum-weighted orientation, combined with a lure that doesn't sink like a lead weight.

Although there is now a "Surf" model also, this original version still outsells it among surf anglers, so don't be too guided by the names.

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