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 It's with great excitement that we can announce the introduction of our extended payment options.

Working with Payl8r, following a deposit size of your choosing, you can now spread the cost of purchases over 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly payments.

Following your initial deposit, if you repay the full value within the first 30 days you'll pay NO additional interest.

The interest you pay past that point is dictated by your current credit score and starts at just 1%, rising to 4% for customers with lower scores.

For customers with bad credit scores, all is not lost! Payl8r are a useful company to work with in that they will - past a customers failed credit check - calculate an rating "affordability" using your past 3 months electronic bank statements. This helps them consider whether you are able to afford repayments. So even if you've struggled to rebuild your rating following historic debts, you won't automatically be ruled out.

 The Tailwalk/Shimano combo you always wanted can finally be yours!