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Soft plastic lures have become incredibly popular over recent lures. Here's our full range, all in one place for easy viewing.


"Shads" is a name used for lures that have a paddle tail design. They're useful for when you need a lure that has more of a presence in the water since the lure wiggles its tail from side to side on the retrieve. Great for when the water is more coloured, deeper, or you're fishing for more aggressive fish. Often rigged on a jighead or weedless hook with a belly weight.


In to this category I have bunched all of the simpler, straight lure designs. Excellent for anything to dropshotting for perch to rigging weedless and weightless for bass. They can be great in calmer conditions when you don't want a lure that is too aggressive.

Creature Baits

The collective name for all of those soft lures that are designed to look like one of the numerous shrimp, crab, crayfish and nymph types. These are imitations of natural items that the fish may be eating in their environments. They'll usually have numerous legs, claws and spikey bits.


I've created this section here especially for those lures that look incredibly life-like. Fish Arrow in particular make lures that look just like real fish, and the fish obviously love them.