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We don't just supply the BEST weighted and unweighted weedless hooks for soft plastic lures, but we've also spent the time to explain in detail which ones you should use. Weedless hooks have become extremely popular in recent years as their snag-free properties save £1000's of lures! Especially with bass, but they're essential for wrasse and some perch fishing near snags too!

What is a weedless hook?

Quite literally a weedless hook is designed to catch the weed, less. There are many shapes and styles of weedless lure rigging options but the shared design element is that there will be something about the shape of the hook itself, or the way it's rigged that will block weed or rock immediate access to catching on the hook point. For the angler this opens up opportunities to cast lures in to snaggy areas that would be otherwise inaccessible - or impossible to fish without constantly losing gear or catching weed.

Weedless & Weightless?

How is it possible to fish a "weightless" lure? People are often confused by the idea of fishing a lure weightlessly. How will it cast? There's no weight?!

No ADDED weight that is.

Rigged with a single hook (no added weight) a weightless lure carries no extra weight on the line. Distance and fishing is done using the weight of the lure alone. Many soft plastic lures that we use for bass weight more than 10g in body weight. In a lot of cases, this weight is enough on the end of the line to achieve good casting distances. The benefit of no additional weight also comes good in the water.

  • Lures sink more slowly which means they can be retrieved over shallower rocks without snagging - or even on the surface with a faster retrieve.
  • They are more free to move in synchronicity with the water around them - rather than being dragged around by added lead.
  • An unweighted lure can be retrieved more slowly - which will find more favour with larger and/or less aggressive fish.
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Fiiish Black Minnow 120 Hooks..
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Fiiish Black Minnow 90 Hooks..
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EWG Spring Lock Hooks
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Gamakatsu EWG Spring Lock Hooks..
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Decoy KG Wide Gape Worm 25..
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Decoy Maki-sasu Worm 130M Magnum Weighted 6/0..
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Decoy Maki-sasu Worm 30..
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Decoy Maki-sasu Worm 30M Magnum 6/0..
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Decoy Makisasu Blade Worm 230 Gold 5/0 - 5g..
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Decoy Makisasu Weighted Worm 130..
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Texas Wide Gape Hooks
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Sakura Texas Wide Gape Hooks..
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Savage Gear Weedless Gravity Hooks..
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