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A collection of weights well suited to our inshore Wrasse fishing and LRF opportunities. These cover traditional Texas rigs as well as Carolina and Cheburashka options.

Bottom Jig
-15 %
Brand: Spro Stock: In Stock
Spro Bottom Jig..
£2.89 £3.39
Ex Tax:£2.41
Cheburashka Sinker
-19 %
Brand: Sakura Stock: In Stock
Sakura Cheburashka Sinker..
£3.49 £4.29
Ex Tax:£2.91
Freestyle Bullet Sinker Brass
-22 %
Brand: Spro Stock: In Stock
Spro Freestyle Bullet Sinker Brass..
£1.79 £2.29
Ex Tax:£1.49
Brand: Decoy Stock: In Stock
Decoy Slide Weight DS-12 3.5g..
Ex Tax:£3.16
Brand: Fish Arrow Stock: In Stock
Fish Arrow Tungsten Nail Sinker..
Ex Tax:£3.33
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