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Superb little waterproof accessory boxes. There’s a rubber seal that surrounds the edge of these to ensure the contents stay dry.Perfect for clips, swivels, beads etc. Or even as a complete storage solution for LEF anglers with space enough for lures...  MORE INFORMATION
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Brand: Sakura Stock: In Stock
The perfect double sided lure box for metal jigs and smaller plugs. 86mm wide, they're ideal for jigs up to around 30g. Unfortunately just a few mm too short for a SG Seeker 28g, but great for everything else....  MORE INFORMATION
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    Brand: Apia Stock: In Stock
    Apia Lure Box - Limited Edition...  MORE INFORMATION
    Ex Tax:£7.49
    Brand: Sakura Stock: In Stock
    Sakura Mini Box2...  MORE INFORMATION
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    Brand: Sakura Stock: Out Of Stock
    Sakura Nano Box2...  MORE INFORMATION
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    Brand: Sakura Stock: Out Of Stock
    Sakura WP Hook Box2...  MORE INFORMATION
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    Meiho are a Japanese tackle box manufacturer. They make precise, well designed boxes that suit all kinds of lures and tackle.