AOF – A new beginning.

The time has come. We’re officially in to a little bit of limbo.

If you have not yet seen through social media channels, we have taken the step to start running down our shop opening times to give ourselves the breathing space to finally start cracking on with our online sales and wholesale business. And do a LOT more fishing too!

For the foreseeable future, our Wadebridge store will only be open to customers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will still however, be contactable through other channels for the rest of the week as we get cracking, adding products, taking photos, and packing orders as we go along. The website won’t be magically filled to the brim with the 1000’s of items we stock, but it will now start to grow. If there’s anything you want or need that’s not yet on the website, please feel free to ask.

Last week was our final full one of opening the shop doors. So what are we up to now?

Yesterday being our first Monday off (with the door locked at least), Josh and I got in to planning mode. With the Cornish Lure Festival (CLF) only weeks away and stealing a lot of my mental organisational capacity at the moment, we took things easy(ish) yesterday. Actually just doing the usual really and making one big mess of what had become a perfectly fine tuned shop-layout. It only took me thirteen years to get things just right(!!!!!!). The counter’s now rammed across in front of the door, the sofa is blocking our access to the back. There are boxes of stock everywhere and the new shelving racks are about 20% built. Pandemonium.

We spent some time at our storage unit too sorting through a decades worth of collected junk. After which – having had our pub lunch plan was foiled by a surprisingly locked tavern door – we went on a quick fish finding mission.

As you can imagine, we spend a lot of our time talking about fishing. The marks we know; the ones we don’t know but want to; the rigs we want to try or invent; the rods we want to buy. Etc. So we headed out to quickly explore an area we were both intrigued by. What we found was… stunning! Fish everywhere. Timing the tides will be important, but I’ve never been more sure that an area will produce fish once we can find time to get back there.

I’ll fill you in on more details later, but here’s a quick one from Josh the bass man himself, caught this morning on the IMA Salt Skimmer at very close range. 60cm+. The boy’s been on form lately. I think he’s going to take the “On The Bank” (BT Sport) cameras out for a bass session over the festival weekend so hopefully his form this year will continue till at least then.

Right now, I’d best get back to it! Sorting, clearing, putting together festival info,- there’s loads to be catching up on this week admin wise. From next week once I’ve published the next round of CLF info we’ll start getting the first of a lot more products online. Likely starting with rods.

See you asap with updates and progress.