AOF ’23 Summer LRF (and other) Rod Sale

AOF ’23 Summer LRF (and other) Rod Sale

Occasionally I go a bit mental and decide we need to clear some space in the stock room. Often this means allowing minimal quantities of some very special rods to leave us for some great, low prices.

Everything below is just that. Limited. First come, first served. The sale will end at midnight on Thursday, August 17. Rods are only reserved when payment is made.

If you would like further information on a rod, or recommendations, please do ask.

HOW TO ORDER: While our website is still in development (it’ll be ready when it’s ready, after the summer hols), it’s actually really simple! Just add your details to the contact form below and click the Send button. If your rod of choice is still available, it’s yours! I’ll then send you a simple payment link and job’s a good’n! It’ll be shipped on Friday 18th.

QUESTIONS: Whilst we don’t have these rods on our website, we do stock millions of other rods too! If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for below, get in touch (again using the form below) and I’ll be able to help find you the perfect tool.

NOTE: The form below is definitely the fastest way to secure your rod. Due to the summer holidays the shop itself will be pretty busy so I may struggle to get to the phone a little during the day. By using the form I can keep on top of everything even when we have people in the shop 🙂


TailwalkMicro Gamer SSD S64UL (ultra fast predator)£229.99£139.996’4″12gT
TictIce Cube Rockin’ Finesse IC-69F-Sis£319.99£199.996’9″0.1g3.5gS
Major CraftAji-Do 5G S682L£249.99£189.996’8″0.2g3gS
Savage GearSGS2 Ultra Light Game 70LL£79.99£44.997’0″0.5g7gS
TictSRAM UTR-68-one-TOR£479.99£289.996’9″0.2g3gS
JackallBRS S64UL-LG (perch/trout)£189.99£99.996’4″5gT
JackallBRS S68UL+LG (predator/trout)£189.99£99.996’8″6gT
JackallBRS S74L-LG (light HRF/predator)£199.99£109.997’4″15gT
HTONebula Light Gamer 74UL (7) (predator/LRF metals)£150.99£89.997’4″1g7gT
HTO Nebula Light Gamer 74L (10) (predator/LRF metals)£151.99£89.997’4″2g10gT
CrazeeAji Meba Stick 612UL/SL£89.99£49.996’1″5gS
CrazeeAji Meba Stick 682UL/SL£89.99£49.996’8″6gS

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